This Is How UK Petrol Prices Have Changed In The Past Year

By Laura Linham

15th Mar 2023 | Local News

An EV charging point. File photo
An EV charging point. File photo

New research has revealed that petrol prices have fallen by 8.6% in the UK, but it is still 190% more expensive to power your car with petrol than electricity. 

The motoring experts at DriveElectric compared petrol prices in 2021 and 2022 by the litre, and by the cost to fill up the average tank, to reveal that petrol prices have fallen by 8.6%.

Cost of petrol in 2021 vs 2022:

Petrol prices were at around £1.78 per litre or rather, it cost an average of £22.56 to fuel a petrol car per 100 miles in 2021. However, in 2022, that figure has seen a slight decline to £1.63 per litre or £20.63 on average, per 100 miles. 

This means on average it costs around £81.02 to fill your car's petrol tank, as opposed to the £88.61 in 2021. That shows an 8.6% decrease from 2021 to 2022.

Cost of charging your car in 2021 vs 2022:

Likewise, where the United Kingdom has seen increases in petrol prices, electricity prices have increased too, though to a seemingly lesser extent. In 2021, electricity cost £0.23 per kWh or an average of £5.78 per 100 miles, which rose to £0.28 per kWh or an average of £7.10 per 100 miles in 2022 for a total increase of 22.9%.

With the petrol price increases the United Kingdom has seen in 2022, filling your car's fuel tank costs, on average, £81.02. Even despite the electricity price increases, fully charging an electric car's battery would cost an average of £16.78. 

To normalise these figures, it costs on average £20.63 per 100 miles to fuel a petrol car and an average of £7.10 per 100 miles to charge an electric vehicle. This means there is a 190.37% price difference between these two averages, indicating that it would be cheaper to run an electric car in the UK. 

Globally, the UK ranked 30th for the highest price differences between fuel and electric cars, with Hong Kong taking the top spot. 


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