Weekly Woo with Atticus Green: This is going to seem like a more lighthearted week

  Posted: 03.06.21 at 09:14 by Atticus Green

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Well that was a stonker of a week wasn’t it!? That new energy I spoke of last week is certainly showing itself in so many wonderful ways.

Each week I’ll be answering burning questions that you have submitted.

There’ll be a weekly numerology forecast for the week ahead, together with competitions and news of upcoming events in the area.

To submit your question, free, go to http://www.atticusknows.com/nub to have your question answered in next week's column.

Let’s kick things off!

Firstly, let's take a look at the numerology for the week ahead.

Numerology forecast for the week beginning June 7 2021:

This is going to seem like a more lighthearted week. It’ll be a great week with some real elements of ‘fun’, but you might not achieve very much.

Don’t beat yourself up about it though, and enjoy this time. These last few weeks, creativity has been lacking a little, and you may have felt stifled.

This is a good week to regain that expressive creativity.

You’ll probably be busy, but it won’t feel like it. Blink and you’ll miss it!

A lady with the initials SW asks if they will get the keys to their house. I really hope so, but lets see what the cards are saying...

4 of Cups - This indicates a period in the recent past of re-evaluation. One of it’s primary key words is dissatisfaction. As a reader, this does seem to show us quite nicely where you and your family have come from. Perhaps the house is too small, or there are other issues which you simply felt you just couldn’t live with any more.

It is next to the 4 of Wands. Another 4! 4s indicate a period of seriousness. A busy period and working hard. You could feel bogged down and restricted in some way, and feel like you are not getting anywhere - BUT - when you look back, you’ll see just how far you’ve come.

4 of Wands talks of stability, and of good family foundations. I feel your family itself is pretty solid and it’s a good place from which to move and build a new home.

The key card here is The World. The Major Arcana card in this spread. Usually transpiring within three to four months, this is a card of fulfilment and COMPLETION. It’s a bit like the Death card, but denotes a huge completion stage in your life, and the beginning of a new chapter. Things really are changing for you! As things stand SW, it’s looking like you certainly will!

HB asks if she is ready to find love again, and is concerned she’ll end up alone.

Well HB, Temperance in the first position shows me you’ve made some serious adjustments in your life recently. You’ve put your emotional wellbeing first and have been actively trying to balance your life. To have understood that there was some serious imbalance and acted on this is a major step. In a relationship reading this does indeed suggest a breakup, and one that has freed you to get more ‘temperance’ back.

Queen of Cups nicely backs this up. Court cards can relate to a facet of your personality or other person in your life - but as this is all about you, I can clearly see you’re starting to feel more emotionally balanced after that big change. Don’t rock that boat just yet! Things take time.

The Magician in the final position demonstrates what you are heading towards. The figure is mastering all the elements - cups, wands, pentacles and swords and this is a good base from which to re-enter the world of dating.

HB - you don’t need anyone, and I think over the next few months you’re going to become more aware of your own strength and power. Once you get to the point where you no longer need affirmation from a partner, and become ‘The Magician’, then you’re going to see good things happen. The relationships to come will be a wonderful bonus, but not something that’s ‘needed’ to help you survive. You have everything within.

Submit your question for next week's column here: http://www.atticusknows.com/nub

I’ll be back next week to answer more of your questions. In the mean time if you have an upcoming event, be it wedding, birthday or corporate function and are looking for some unusual and highly popular entertainment, or to book a Tarot evening right in your own home, head over to http://www.atticusknows.com and get in touch.

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Have a great week folks!
Very good thoughts,
Atticus Green x

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