Four new homes for 'discretionary downsizers' given approval in Chilcompton

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 17:05 by Tim Lethaby

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Four new homes in Chilcompton, which have been described as being for "discretionary downsizers", have been given planning permission.

A planning application for a new development of four single-storey dwellings with associated access and parking on land to the west of 30 Stockhill Road, Chilcompton, by Winsley White Building Contractors has been approved by Mendip District Council.

The development will consist of four two-bedroom dwellings, with two being detached, and two being terraced.

The homes will face in, forming a courtyard with the shared driveway running through the centre incorporating the necessary turning head and required parking.

All the dwellings have two parking spaces allocated each, with an additional two spaces for visitors.

The development is aimed at those aged 55 or over, encouraging a new generation of "extended middle age" people to move from their under-occupied, large family properties to smaller homes.

Planning applications in the Shepton Mallet area that have been submitted this week to Mendip District Council include:

Felling of a tree covered by a Preservation Order T1 - Ash Tree - M1046 - Fell due to Ash die back at Goodwood, Charlton Road, Holcombe, is wanted by Mrs C Griffin.

Erection of two-storey rear extension in place of existing single-storey extension and replacement of front porch at 89 Mendip Vale, Coleford, has been applied for by Mr Andrew Jones.

Remove a non supporting wall (Retrospective) at Flat 7, 65 High Street, Shepton Mallet, is wanted by Miss Lauren Alway.

Felling of trees in a Conservation Area T5 - Ash: fell, G1 - Remaining Ash Trees in the woodland: Fell at 16 Coombe Lane, Shepton Mallet, has been applied for by Mr Ben Schofield.

Conversion of storage building to home office involving introduction of rooflights, door and windows at Little West Barn Farm, Strap Lane, North Brewham, is wanted by Fiona Macintosh.

TPO - G1 - M93; T1 - Irish Yew - Fell; T4 - Whitebeam - Remove stake, redundant stake; T7 - Common Beech - Prune to clear building by 1-2M, pruning only secondary or third order branches, crown lift to 4m; T8 - Irish Yew - Prune to clear building by 1-2M, Pruning only secondary or third order branches; T10 - Irish Yew - selectively crown lift branches overhanging road to approx 4m; T11 - Whitebeam - Reduce crown by 1-2m from height and 1-2m from lateral spread, narrow mouthed included bark union at 2m; T12 - Common Yew - Crown lift to 3-4m, remove hung up branch at 5m, south eastern side of crown; T13 - Whitebeam - Crown lift 3m; T16 - Crab Apple - Crown lift to 3m, prune to remove basal suckers and epicormic shoots, low hanging branches; T17 - Cherry spp - re-adjust stake and tie at Church Of St Peter, Church View, Evercreech, have been applied for by the Church of St Peter’s.

Works to trees in a Conservation Area T1 - leylandii - Trim by 18 inches to 2 feet; T2 - Laburnum - Crown; T3 - Eucalyptus - Crown and removal of dead branch at Meadow Lea, Shutwell Lane, Pilton, are wanted by Ms Felicity Samuels.

Works to trees covered by Preservation Orders G1 - (M197) Trees on bank (Sycamore , Spruce, Maple) - to be reduced in height by 5-10m to previous cut points at Toad Hall, 4 Domus Drive, Shepton Mallet, have been applied for by Mr F Della Valle.

Planning applications in the Shepton Mallet area that have been decided this week by Mendip District Council include:

Proposed conversion of garage to workshop/studio and barn to be repointed internally (Ammendments to 2019/1926/LBC to include altered joinery, inserted plant-room and structural rebuilding of masonry walls) at Manor House, Lower Street, Upton Noble, by Mr John Deverell has been approved.

Erection of two-storey extension on East elevation at 1 Maryland Cottages, Smiths Lane, Ditcheat, by Sarah Alexander has been approved.

Erection of a two-storey and one-storey extension at 2 Wickham Cottages, Frys Lane to Mill Lane, Batcombe, by Jonathan Tibbs has been approved.

Resubmission of 2020/0260/FUL - Change of use of land and construction of tennis court with associated fencing and landscaping at Rockwells House, Frys Lane to Mill Lane, Batcombe, by Mr and Mrs O Lane Fox has been withdrawn.

Modifications to two chimneys, structural repairs, roof renovation of north facing stairwell and minor repairs and refurbishment of windows at Chapel Farm House, Stocks Lane, North Wootton, by Mr and Mrs Felicity and Simon Shimmin have been approved.

Barn conversion to studio office with enhanced access and landscaping at Clapton Farm, Clapton Road, Clapton, by Mrs Lindsey Smedley has been approved.

Application for a certificate of lawful existing development for Use Class C3 Dwellinghouses at Rockwell Cottages, The Valley, Chilcompton, by T Eyers has been approved.

Prior Approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development at Mendip Farmhouse, Mendip Road, Stoke St Michael, by Mr Nicholas Brownlow has been refused.

Installation of a 9m wooden telegraph pole, supporting three dishes and three horn antenna with an equipment cabinet and other ancillary development including a 1.2m wooden stock proof fence around the base at Higher Withial Farm, Withial Lane, East Pennard, has been approved.

Shepton Mallet student Lily Della Valle has won the Marie Curie Young Supporter of the Year as recognition for her outstanding fundraising and support...