Plans submitted to convert part of Academy building in Shepton Mallet into flats and shop

  Posted: 05.08.20 at 11:31 by Tim Lethaby

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Plans have been submitted to convert part of the Academy theatre building in Shepton Mallet, which was previously known as the Amulet, into seven flats and a shop.

The planning application for the change of use from theatre (sui generis) to mixed use, seven residential flats (C3), a retail unit (A1) and associated works at The Amulet, 7 Market Place, Shepton Mallet, has been submitted to Mendip District Council by Kevin Newton.

The proposal is to convert the unused stage and backstage area of the former theatre building to seven flats, with the ground floor of the tower being converted to retail space.

It is proposed that the flats will utilise redundant space in the building, which will be separated off from the Movement Gym on the auditorium floor.

Further, the backstage space will also be converted to flats, with the current vacant space below the stage being converted to the retail unit.

There have been a number of applications on the site, with a focus on preserving community use.

However, despite planning approval, schemes have repeatedly fallen through. Mr Newton has therefore decided to apply for residential use in order to offset the cost of maintaining the large property.

The application says it is hoped that the addition of the retail unit will help in this aim, as well as providing another shopping experience in the centre of town.

Other planning applications in the Shepton Mallet area submitted to Mendip District Council this week include:

Erection of a 5 bedroom dwellinghouse and annexe at Stratton Farm Building,s Westcombe Road, Stoney Stratton, has been applied for by Thomas Olunloyo.

Works to trees in a Conservation Area T1-T3 - Beech Trees - Fell at 6 Kale Street, Batcombe, are wanted by Mrs Obaldy.

Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4 (joinery details, listed building consent 2019/0963/LBC at Greenscombe Farm, Creech Hill Road, Milton Clevedon, has been made by Mr and Mrs Max Wigram.

Works to trees in a Conservation Area 1) Thuja spp = cut and remove fallen secondary stem; reduce remaining crown by 15-25 per cent (1-2m) to reduce loading on remaining unions; crown lift by 3-4Mm, clearing headstones; sectional fell one secondary with large cavity to make tree safe; crown clean to remove hung-up broken branches at the Church Of St Mary The Virgin, Church Street, Croscombe, have been applied for by Mr William Jones.

Erection of an Accessible and Adaptable Whole Life Dwelling on land east of Penmayne, Pilton Road, North Wootton, is wanted by Mr Roger Eddy.

Approval of details reserved by conditions 4 (Materials), 12 (Surface Water Drainage), 13 (Archaeology) on planning consent 2019/0233/FUL at the Mid Somerset Showground, Cannard's Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, has been applied for by Ian Harvey.

Installation is wanted of a 9m wooden telegraph pole, supporting three dishes and three horn antenna with an equipment cabinet and other ancillary development including a 1.2m wooden stock proof fence around the base at Higher Withial Farm, Withial Lane, East Pennard.

Prior approval for a proposed change of use of a building from Light Industrial Use (Class B1(c)) to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3) at 857 Fosse Way, Pylle, has been applied for by Mr D Roberts.

Proposed removal of an exisiting Yagi antenna, and installation of a 390mm diameter mesh dish, an omni antenna 582mm x 90mm x 65 mm, a ground based cabinet 400mm x 330mm x 230mm and ancillary development thereto at Huxham Farmhouse, Huxham Lane, East Pennard, is wanted by Voneus.

Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (Materials Schedule) on planning consent 2019/1569/FUL on land north of Tweed Farm House, The Green, Coleford, has been made by Mr I Harris.

Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (Surface Water) and 4 (Foul Drainage) on planning consent 2018/2417/FUL at Brynlee, Binegar Lane, Gurney Slade, has been made by Mr J Leaver.

Works to trees in a Conservation Area T1 - Sycamore: remove limbs, pollard to approx 5m; T2 - Sycamore: prune by approx 4m; T3 - Sycamore: prune by approx 4m.; T4 - Sycamore: pollard to approx 5m have been applied for at 16 Coombe Lane, Shepton Mallet.

Proposed works to tree/s in a Conservation Area: T1 (Paulonia) - Pollard to 2.5m; T2 (Norway Maple) - Reduction by 3m (30 per cent); T3 (Lime) - Fell; T4 (Catalpa) - Fell; T5 (Ginko) Coppice; T6 (Tulip) - Remove lowest limb; T7 (Apple) - Fell at Church House, St Mary's Lane, Pilton, are wanted by Mr Tristan Herridge.

Planning applications in the Shepton Mallet area that have been decided this week by Mendip District Council include:

Ash tree T1 on TPO M1060 - Prune by 1.5m at Batts House, Victoria Square, Evercreech, by Mr Richard Holworthy has been approved.

Rear extensions and alterations to existing dwelling at Thornhill Cottage, Old Street, Croscombe, by Mr and Mrs H Tinsley have been approved.

Retrospective change of use of an agricultural storage building to be used for accommodation and feeding of dairy cows at Agricultural Unit, Easthill Lane, Ditcheat, by Mr Dave Clothier has been approved.

Proposed replacement roof at the Church Of St Mary, Chesterblade Road, Chesterblade, by Mr Simon North has been withdrawn.

Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Disposal of surface water) on planning consent 2017/3282/FUL at Highcroft, Bruton Road, Evercreech, has been approved.

Demolition of conservatory, erection of single storey rear extension, new external door opening and internal alterations at Montrose, High Street, Coleford, by Mr and Mrs Adam Cooke have been approved.

Re-submission of 2019/0905/FUL - Erection of a 2 bed dwelling at 37 Willow Drive, Shepton Mallet, by Mr R Jenkins has been refused.

Two storey side extension and rear conservatory at 19 Bellfield, Leigh-on-Mendip, by Mr and Mrs Phelps have been approved.

Installation of underground reservoir and pipeline at Worthy Farm, Worthy Lane, Pilton, by Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd has been approved.

Raising of rugby pitches and creation of grass bank to provide viewing platform at Castle Cary Rugby Football Club, Station Road to West Lane, Alhampton, by Mr Chris Newcombe has been approved.

Application for a non-material amendment to permission 2017/1856/FUL for the creation of rooms in the roof and insertion of three rooflights to East roof slope at Quarry Cottages, Garston Street, Shepton Mallet, by Mr D Roberts has been refused.

Shepton Mallet residents are being encouraged to make the most of the final few days of free parking at Mendip District Council-owned car parks. Pa...