Plan to build six garages in Chilcompton is turned down

  Posted: 25.06.20 at 12:29 by Tim Lethaby

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A planning application to build six garages in Chilcompton has been turned down by Mendip District Council.

The application for the building of a single-storey detached garage block incorporating six garages with additional six parking spaces and turning head on land at Thorner Way, Chilcompton, was submitted by Mr R Thorner.

The plan was for the garages to be built at the end of Thorner Way, and they would be let to the local community.

The site has a long planning history, with the most recent application before this one being the refusal of a proposed two-storey building to accommodate three flats in November 2019.

Chilcompton Parish Council recommended refusal of the garages plan and Mendip District Council planners have now agreed.

In the refusal, Mendip listed three reasons while the planning application was being turned down.

The report said: "The application site is situated outside development limits of Chilcompton where development is strictly controlled and only exceptionally allowed with development policy support where it is of local economic benefit or where it provides a viable community use.

"The proposal will be of little local economic benefit and no substantive evidence has been provided which might conclude that the development would bring forward a viable scheme which the local community might benefit.

"The proposal represents unnecessary and unsustainable development resulting in an urban encroachment into the countryside having an adverse impact on the undeveloped landscape character of the site, and with no association with the existing development within Thorner Way.

"The proposal will result in increased traffic along Thorner Way and it is considered that the disturbance arising from the use the proposed development will have a detrimental and harmful impact on the amenity currently enjoyed by residents within Thorner Way."

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